We at ReThink Mathematics and MasterTrack usually work with math teachers in schools; however, due to COVID-19, we are now shifting our support to help PARENTS who want to learn how to best support their child at home in K-8 mathematics. Check out our 2020 Special: Bundle of Parent Resources below created to give parents the peace of mind that their child is progressing forward "just fine" in math :)

FREE K-8 Math Benchmark Assessments

Parents always want to know how to help reinforce math skills and concepts at home. Below are recommended resources to help guide parents on how to strengthen their child's elementary math foundation at home.

List of K-8 Math Skills and Concepts by Grade Level

  • KNOW THE MATH: The National Core Math standards have a unique mathematical progression for K-8th grade students to follow.  Parents should be familiar with the math concepts and skills at their child's grade level. Check out all of our Teacher Resources for fun games and activities parents can work on with their child at home!

Products: Grade Level Unit Planning Guides (includes all the instructional unit resources)
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  • ASSESSMENTS: ReThink Mathematics provides a bank of math assessments for parents to administer at home to check their child's progress on each math skill.

Products: Grade Level Benchmark and Checkpoint Assessments
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  • COACHING SUPPORT:  ReThink Mathematics provides parents with step by step support on best ways they can maximize their child's growth in mathematics. They can sign up for our virtual parent coaching services to learn best ways to help their child grow in elementary mathematics. They will learn when and how to implement remediation lessons, fun math fact games, logic puzzles, word problems or enrichment activities for their child. 

Products: Parent Coaching Services
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  • 2020 SPECIAL: BUNDLE OF PARENT RESOURCES:  ReThink Mathematics provides a bundle of super discounted resources and services to parents who want to learn how to best support their child at home in math. 

Products: 2020 SPECIAL: Bundle of Parent Resources
Found at the ReThink Store!  


We understand family economic hardship during this time. Our main objective to is bring resources to help parents succeed in supporting their child's math k-8 education from home. We have limited amount of scholarships available for families in need!

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