MasterTrack Progress Monitoring System

MasterTrack - Maximizing Student Growth

MasterTrack progress monitoring system is a simple tool to help classroom teachers manage and monitor student’s progress in real time. MasterTrack Reports clearly identify student mastery standard-by-standard, promoting weekly response to intervention.

  • Initial MasterTrack Coaching session with the principal to provide and teacher leaders an orientation of our program.
  • MasterTrack Licenses for each participating teacher, administrator and support staff.
  • Benchmark Math Assessments for each grade level teacher.
  • Checkpoint Math Assessments for each grade level teacher.
  • Monthly MasterTrack Coaching sessions with principal and teacher leaders to review each grade level’s math data and determine goals and next steps toward math improvement.
  • Professional Development Videos and Resources.

One license is good for one educator user.

Introductory Price: $500 per educator

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