Table of Contents - Grade Level Planning Guides

The CCSS-M Grade Level Planning Guide is designed by teachers to help other teachers plan, teach,
assess, and differentiate instruction using the Common Core math standards. The following resources
are included in the guide:
K-6 Instructional Framework: This instructional framework allows teachers to easily see the CCSS-M
progression of all K-6 grade levels.
Year-at-a-Glance: The grade level Year-at-a-Glance provides a “general” timeline to move through the
units. Many teachers find they need to add units of previous grade level standards during the transition
years. That is okay. The general rule of thumb is approximately one standard per week. Many teachers
find it difficult to break the textbook habit of a lesson a day. It’s exciting to see teachers experience the
“A-Ha!” moment that the standards guide them, not the textbook!
Snapshot Overview of Content Standards: This one page overview guides teachers on what critical
standards all students should master by the end of the year. ReThink Mathematics includes previous
grade level standards, as it is imperative that students do not have any gaps in their math learning.
Standards on Mathematical Practices: This one page overview is used as a reference to support
teachers as they integrate the standards of mathematical practices in their instruction of the content
Unit Focus: Each unit includes a unit focus, which provides the teachers with key concepts, terms and
content standards taught in the unit. The planning units also provide an alignment of the practice
standards to each content standard to further help teachers integrate the practice standards into their
instruction. There is a summary of the practice standards at the bottom of each unit focus page.
Unit Resources: Activities, games and websites that teachers can use to teach the unit standards are
found here. ReThink Mathematics is always coming up with new activities and soon will start a blog for
teachers to share additional activities on our website,
Unit Parent Letter: Provided is a parent letter to send home at the beginning of the unit. We have
found it helps to keep parents aware of the standards being taught as well as the ones that should
already be mastered. ReThink Mathematics has included additional websites and resources for the
parent to reinforce the standards at home.
Problem Solving: The problem solving section includes tools, strategies, and problems.
Enrichment: The enrichment section includes a bank of enrichment activities to use with students who
have shown mastery on the standards.
Websites: This section includes a vast resource of websites to support educators.
Assessments: The assessment section includes assessing and tracking strategies as well as some
sample assessments.