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ReThink Mathematics believes teachers deserve a quality math textbook series that provides proficient lessons and assessments to teach mathematics at their grade level. Currently, many teachers do not have adequate instructional materials. The vast majority of our teachers are spending countless hours searching the Internet to locate basic math lessons and assessments that align to the new required Common Core math standards - the same standards that our States are requiring ALL students to master. This is NOT okay!

ReThink teachers, if you do not have an adequate K-8 math textbook series with updated Core lessons and classroom-based assessments, please contact Russell Crew russell.crew@pearson.com representing Pearson’s Envision 2.0 math textbook series to receive your resources highly discounted, if not free, using Rethink Promo Code: ReThink 2.0

NOTE: ReThink Mathematics does not receive money or funding from Pearson to refer teachers to the above Promo Code. We’re just happy to help math teachers!