Teachers have one of the most challenging professions we know. Our #1 mission at ReThink Mathematics is to support K-8 math teachers build a successful math program in their classrooms. Below are products and professional development for our teachers to help them maximize their students' growth in elementary mathematics.

  • KNOW THE MATH: The Core standards have a unique mathematical progression for K-8th grade students to follow. Math teachers should be familiar with the math concepts and skills of, at least, two grade levels before and after the grade level they are teaching. ReThink Mathematics provides resources and services to help teachers learn the math content at different grade levels so that they can plan and deliver appropriate instruction and best practices in the classroom.

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Products: Understanding the Common Core and Grade Level Planning Guides
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  •  ASSESS THE MATH: ReThink Mathematics provides each grade level teacher a bank of "quick-check checkpoint" classroom-based assessments that are administered on a weekly basis to monitor student mastery progress. ReThink Mathematics also provides "benchmark" assessments teachers can administer at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year to chart growth. All ReThink Mathematics assessments allow teachers to easily target instruction based on individual student progress on specific Core standards throughout the school year.

Products: Checkpoint and Benchmark Assessments
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  • MONITOR STUDENT PROGRESS: Our teachers absolutely LOVE MasterTrack, our simple progress monitoring system allows teachers to easily monitor student progress on each major grade level math skill. MasterTrack Reports clearly identify student needs standard-by-standard, promoting weekly response to intervention. 

Product: MasterTrack
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  • ONGOING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  MasterTrack/ReThink Mathematics provides both online and onsite professional development to support teachers as they implement MasterTrack progress monitoring in their classrooms.

Products: Data Coaching Services, Online or Onsite professional Development and Consulting Services
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